Manufacturer & Distributor/ Supplier of Critical Products to Healthcare and Public Operations

 Glenview, IL – March 26, 2020

 This notice serves as confirmation that LCR Hallcrest, LLC, located at 1911 Pickwick Lane, Glenview, IL, qualifies as an "Essential Business" in accordance to the COVID-19 Executive Order No. 8 issued from the Office of the Governor of the State of Illinois on March 20, 2020 (the "Order") as a result of the Covid-19 public health emergency.


LCR Hallcrest produces medical devices and components necessary for the functioning of essential Healthcare and Public Health Operations.  

“Healthcare Institutions use personal reusable and disposable forehead thermometers to check for fever and hypothermia during surgery. Our products are made in the USA, in an FDA registered facility, where demand for disposable forehead thermometers has escalated dramatically. Accordingly, we have repurposed personnel and manufacturing to satisfy this increased need. We will continue to focus our efforts on the critical healthcare products necessary to support the medical community until this emergency is resolved. We ask our non-healthcare customers to have patience as we are working hard to keep to a normal delivery schedule, however, delivery times might be extended for non-critical products.” - Rocky Sapienza, V.P. of Operations

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