Household Battery Tester With Color Display

Test Before You Replace

Consumer Battery Tester Easy Household Battery Tester
Item Part # Description Packaging
Battery Tester B100-01 1 Battery Tester (4.75 x1.125") in Pouch 5.5" x 2" Pouch


  • Find Dead Batteries Fast - Will last for years
  • Keep in your Toolbox, Kitchen, Workshop Battery Drawer or Camera Bag
  • Test 1.5V AAA, AA, C, D, & 9V batteries
  • Reusable


Strong Flexible Plastic Strip - Simply place the battery terminals where indicated for 15 seconds and read display. Strip will flex to accommodate different battery sizes. Battery Status lights up as an easy to read color display, indicating battery strength. Household Battery Tester is packaged in a clear vinyl pouch with closing strap.

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