Corporate Profile

Thermographics is a division of LCR Hallcrest, a family owned pioneer and leader in the field of temperature sensitive, color changing graphic technology known as thermographics. For almost 40 years, thermographics has been used to monitor temperature and solve communication / identification problems in a wide range of industrial engineering, healthcare, marketing and printing applications.

LCR Hallcrest Develops, Manufactures and Markets:

  • A comprehensive range of thermometers and temperature labels that can be found in virtually any industry including healthcare where Feverscan ® and Clinitrend ® are used to monitor a patient’s temperature during surgery.
  • Thermax ® irreversible temperature labels which are the standard for providing evidence of attained temperature for warranty, quality and environmental temperature control.

Thermographics Develops, Manufactures and Markets:

  • Color changing dyes, pigments and inks which are used to communicate proper usage, storage conditions and engage audiences with smart designs that increase message awareness.
  • Premium, promotion and consumer products that are triggered by temperature or UV light and use the unique characteristics of liquid crystal and other thermochromic and photochromic inks to provide distinctive and striking items that engage audiences with interactive color change.
  • Liquid crystal for science that is used for research and non-destructive testing

The company operates in a broad range of markets through distribution, private label and OEM arrangements, which has created an environment where technology and solutions cross industries. As a client oriented company, LCR Hallcrest has thrived on its ability to take a challenge, requirement or idea, and through creative use and/ or expansion of technology, develop a solution.

LCR Hallcrest serves international markets from manufacturing as well as research and development sites located in the US and UK, with production facilities that are fully compliant to ISO 13485, CE standards and registered with the FDA.

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