Forehead Thermometers

Home And Travel Thermometers For The Family

These disposable and reusable forehead thermometer strips can help you to determine if your family or loved ones have the flu or a cold. Our Thermostrip Flu Kit includes 1 reusable and 4 disposably thermometers along with a Cold vs. Flu symptom chart. Don't be caught off-guard by an illness. Be prepared to take a temperature where ever you are with this fast and simple temperature monitoring system. These kits are ideal for emergency preparedness stockpiling or even a family trip.

Just apply to the forehead and read the yellow, moving line. This is a non-invasive method that contains no glass, mercury, or batteries and is latex free. These thermometer strips are used by physicians and hospitals worldwide.


  • Forehead Thermometer
  • Self Application
  • Minimal Patient Caregiver Contact
  • Easy to Read Moving Line
  • Fast, Disposable, Latex Free
  • Temperature Range: 91-106°F (33-41°C)
  • Core Adjusted with a 3.5°F/2°C Offset


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