Babysafe Crib Thermometer

Baby Safe Crib Thermometer
Use Part # Description Scale Range
Room Thermometer CB10005 Clip on Crib Rail Thermometer °F 62-84°F


These thermometers provide added safety and reassurance to parents and caregivers, from the time a baby is born and through their early years, helping to ensure a childsafe environment. Babysafe® is an easy-to-read color change thermometer that is accurate and always on without the need for batteries.

  • Attaches easily to your baby’s crib rail
  • Monitors the room temperature as closely as possible to your baby
  • Quickly and easily check the temperature day and night
  • Constant reassurance
  • Fits all crib rails up to 1 inch width
  • BPA free
  • Easy to read


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