Next Generation in Liquid Crystal Thermometry

Digitemp®EZ Easy Read Single Color Thermometers & Custom Temperature  Indicators Indicate current temperature with one color!

Traditional Digitemp Liquid Crystal Thermometers indicate temperature by running sequentially through the color spectrum to indicate current temperature.

These digital temperature indicators show the current temperature with one color. No Interpretation Necessary! Same features and benefits as traditional liquid crystal thermometers in an easy to read digital format that offers limitless custom possibilities!

Digitemp EZ is available in four self- adhesive sizes with a temperature range of -30 to 90°C that is easy to read, accurate and continuously displays temperature with no batteries.

Single color - change liquid crystal is digital in nature and works like an on/off switch, allowing the technology to be applied to custom graphics. Symbols, numbers, letters, and images can be digitally made to appear or disappear when an activation point is reached. Triggering points can be mixed to create indicators that monitor a temperature range. "High", "Low" and "OK" can be combined in one indicator.

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