New Fish Finding Tool Uses Custom Liquid Crystal Thermometers

November 26, 2018

Scout-A-Bout® Measures Water Temperature Below the Surface

 Glenview, IL  November 27, 2018

 LCR Hallcrest is pleased to announce that it is supplying custom liquid crystal thermometers to Monzyk Innovations for its low-cost revolutionary fish finder that indicates sub surface water temperature and identifies the type of fish it attracts. Scout-A-Bout® is a self-contained, 1” x 4.5” unit with a thermometer/ fish identifier, designed to be attached to a fishing or drop line. That’s it, no electronics just get it in the water, give it a few minutes and read the results.


 ·         Accurate & dependable at all depths

·         No wires, batteries, charts, etc.

·         Eliminate water temperature guesswork

·         Multiple types available 

·         Easy to use

·         Low cost

·         No mercury - environmentally friendly



“Working with innovators and developing solutions for a new idea or product is what we do best”, remarks Sal Lazzara, Sales Representative - LCR Hallcrest, “and this custom color change thermometer illustrates our ability to work with partners in the development of visual temperature indicators that will

perform in a challenging environment.”  



Further Information Visit:  or Call: (256) 760-3112



About Monzyk Innovations: Established in 2018 by Dr. Bruce Monzyk, PhD, Monzyk Innovations LLC is dedicated to "Bridging the Gap" between discoveries in the field of industrial chemistry and demonstration of product application potential.                                                                                                

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