Dual Scale Feverscan Thermometer in 1/4 Wallet

 Dual Scale Feverscan Thermometer in 1/4 Wallet


Reusable Dual Scale Feverscan temperature indicator. When held on the forehead for 15 seconds, it shows if subject has a fever.


  • Hospital and Health Care Promotions
  • Child Safety Programs
  • Family Health and Wellness Programs
  • HR Departments
  • Schools/Colleges


  • Reusable and Convenient
  • Fast and Accurate Dual Scale Reading
  • Produced in an FDA Registered Facility
  • Good for All Ages


  • Overall Product Size:3-3/4"W × 1-1/4"H
  • Imprint Area Size:3"W × 3/4"H (Imprint on back of instruction)
  • Temperature:95-104°F / 35-40°C
  • Weight:6 lbs./M

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